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Cornelius Rechenberg
Cornelius Rechenberg

Founder Cornelius Rechenberg began studying plastics technology engineering at the University of Applied Sciences in Rosenheim, Bavaria, Germany.


Cornelius RechenbergCornelius Rechenberg


Conceived not just as a company, but as a community in celebration and dedication to the beauty of women’s lives, Amoena is born with the release of the first silicone breast form.

Amoenais born with the release of the first silicone breast form.

Applying cutting edge plastic technologies, Rechenberg made two revolutionary changes to the conventional breast forms used at that time:

Firstly, the outer PVC bag was replaced with PU film to achieve thinner, more natural skin-like characteristics. Secondly, breast forms were filled with silicone instead of the glutinous fluid that had previously been used and was susceptible to drying-out and hardening over time.


Production facilities created, sales activities started - and a relationship with women inspired by information, support and companionship established… a relationship, which has grown and strengthened ever since.

The Rechenberg brothers tried, but failed, to sell the product to a medical retailer in Munich. Subsequently attending a lingerie fair in Dusseldorf, they succeeded only in selling their exhibition booth furniture - but not a single breast form!




The CAMP group

First order for 1,000 breast forms placed by Basko-CAMP.

The size of this first order was so large that Cornelius was unsure how to produce it! Basko-CAMP remained the sole distributor of Amoena breast forms until 1990.


All Amoena breast forms are handmade with care and have been since our inception.

Amoena introduced its first 2-layer silicone breast form called Natura 240.

The ground-breaking Natura 240 utilised a firm silicone ‘ring’ on the rear side to simulate pectoral muscles, replicating the anatomy of a woman’s breast and allowing the silicone on the front to be even softer and more natural.




Made-to-measure breast forms offered for the first time.

Using an innovative casting technique, Amoena was able to replicate the topography of each individual’s surgical site.

More than 10,000 made-to-measure breast forms were produced in the following 18 years.

However, subsequent advances in surgical techniques saw demand for these forms drop over time, enabling Amoena to move away from made-to-measure forms, concentrating instead on research and innovation in improved breast form technology.


Designed together with the consumer, Amoena’s patented 2 layer flowable gel-back technology is introduced for the first time.

Gentle to often sensitive scar tissue and designed to move with the chest, the flowable gel concept improved upon 1984’s Nouvelle range and is still found in Amoena’s breast forms to this day.



Foundation of Amoena’s first subsidiaries in Europe.


Developed as a result of thousands of made-to-measure forms produced in the 80’s, the first triangle shape breast form was introduced.

Superceding the teardrop shape, the triangle is now the world’s most popular breast form shape.


Separate from Basko-CAMP, Amoena’s first sales organization was set up.


Amoena’s first four pocketed bras launched.

The first generation of attachable breast forms used Amoena’s patented manufacturing method.


Amoena first to receive industry certification.

Assuring the customer of the highest quality standards, 1992’s BS 5750/2 was similar to ISO 9002. Since then, Amoena have continued to keep pace with internationally recognized ISO standards including: ISO 9001 (quality management) in 1996, ISO 14001 (environmental management) in 1998, ISO 13485 (medical products) in 2004.

From humble family-owned beginnings to an international company in 18 years, Amoena merges with Coloplast.



1994’s merger with the Breast Care Division of Coloplast A/S DK, was a huge step forward for Amoena, enabling the company to invest in development, product line extensions, distribution and wider market access.


Amoena launched its lifestyle magazine for breast cancer survivors, Amoena Life Magazine.

True to the company’s vision of being a companion and inspiration to breast cancer survivors, Amoena Life promoted healthier lifestyles and encouraged women to reclaim a positive body image.




As an answer to requests from women everywhere, Amoena launched swimwear with pocketed built-in bras.

Designed to give relief to women living with lymphoedema or osteoporosis.


First lightweight silicone breast form introduced.

Contact, the first breast form with an integrated adhesive ring, designed to feel as close to a natural breast by attaching directly to the chest.

The concept had previously been tested and launched in Denmark in 1996. By the end of 2000, the third generation had been introduced.


Cornelius Rechenberg
passes away.


His influence continues to guide Amoena’s mission and values to this day.

To answer the common it’s hot complaint, Amoena introduced the patented Climate breast form.

Directly addressing customer feedback and designed to equalize temperature behind the breast form, Climate was another first for Amoena.




Recognizing the ever growing need for supportive information for women at every stage from diagnosis to getting back to a new normal,
is sponsored by Amoena.

From newly-diagnosed women to long-term survivors and their spouses, friends and families, this educational website addresses the needs of everyone touched by breast cancer.



Amoena's breakthrough patented Comfort+ Technology is introduced providing women everywhere with a built in thermostat to keep them cool and dry.

Another revolutionary Amoena innovation, the world’s first three-layer form acts like air conditioning to absorb, store and release heat, keeping the wearer fresh and dry. It is the only temperature equalizing breast form available on the market that effectively reduces the chances of perspiration before it starts.



Patented Energy breast forms are launched providing maximum heat management by offering 30% more Comfort+ technology.

Energy ushered in the second generation of Climate breast forms, introducing Amoena’s patented 3D pearl surface.


updated and enhanced with mobile friendly platform.


Amoena launches its first apparel collection giving women the freedom of stylish apparel designed exclusively for them

The fruition of extensive international market research, Amoena’s collection of nightwear, activewear, tops and t-shirts features built-in bras and pockets, and is the only collection of its kind.


Patent pending, Natura Cosmetic breast forms introduced.

A new generation of Natura forms that look and feel so real, no one can see or tell the difference.


Developed for women by women, Amoena debutes its "Shop in Shop" concept giving women a welcome and stylish shopping experience.

A new look for the Amoena brand.

A change of art direction in photo shoots and new style guides reposition Amoena’s brand presence.

Style Guide

Piloted in Belgium, the concept provides women with a more feminine shopping environment, offering a greater choice of styles and a more enjoyable retail experience.


Today, Amoena continues to pioneer scientific endeavours for the comfort and wellbeing of women who have had breast surgery.


18 "Shop in Shop"
stores to launch.

Amoena’s global expansion reaches over 80 countries worldwide.

The expansion of our global distribution network has taken Amoena into more countries than ever before.


Amoena Life magazine gets a facelift: Amoena Life magazine continues to evolve offering women a source of confidence, support and style.

Now celebrating its 21st year, the publication continues to influence hundreds of thousands of breast cancer survivors around the world.


Best of all, breast cancer death rates continue to fall.

Thought to be the result of treatment advances, earlier detection through screening, and increased awareness.


Subsidiary Launches

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